7 steps how to schedule your wedding day timeline in 20 minutes

best wedding professionals in Nashville 48When you begin planning your wedding, you’ll soon realize booking your vendors is much easier when you have an idea of your wedding schedule.  We sit down with each of our couples to give personal itinerary suggestions.  Here are seven steps to get ahead when beginning to plan a wedding day schedule, before booking a wedding planner.

1. Start with the ceremony time.

The ceremony time is is the easiest thing to determine after announcing your engagement.  Use it as a starting point. From there backtrack, or keep planning forward.  Say you’re planning a 12:30 ceremony.  We suggest the bride to arrive at the ceremony location, no later than a half hour before the start time. This allows you to enter the venue without anyone noticing your arrival. Most venue’s have a designated entrance for the bride, separate form the guests which is helpful for guests who arrive early to your wedding ceremony.

2. Work back-words from the ceremony.

Official wedding planners use this same technique.  Ask yourself theses questions: Where the bridal party will get ready? Will the groomsmen and bridesmaids get ready in the same location? How long will it take to finish wedding day hair and make-up? Where do you want to put on your dress?

3.  Schedule wedding make-up and hair trial runs.

No matter who is doing your hair, or how long they have been your regular stylist, your hairdresser will be thankful you schedule a hair and make-up trail run. Hair and make-up is the first event of the day which determines if your wedding is on time for the rest of the day. A wedding make-up and hair trial run also allows you to relax during this time and enjoy being pampered on your big day!

4.  How long will your ceremony be?

Full ceremony, half ceremony, outdoors or inside, knowing how long the ceremony will last is important.

5.  Take travel into consideration.

6.  Always give an extra 15 minutes

No matter how punctual you are, give an extra 15 minutes for every milestone. Any unexpected surprises to be be easy to handle!

7.  Would you like to be present during cocktail hour?

Cocktail hour is a great idea for couples who have a significant amount of time in-between the ceremony and reception. It allows your guests to re-fuel from the ceremony with wedding hors d’oeuvres and drinks to prepare for a night full of fun. If you have a three hour window, from the ceremony to the reception start time, we suggest doing whatever you want. Anything less, we suggest your grand entrance towards the end of cocktail hour to utilize this time for full bridal party images and creative portraits of you together.



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